Sirui RX Series


Sirui R-X Series Photo/Video tripods are our tallest, strongest and most stable tripods ever! The redesigned spider – the core of the tripod – is incredibly stable and has avery high load capacity because the legs are positioned under the platform instead of alongside it.

The updated cross pattern leg construction – 10 layers of 100% carbon fiber placed in alternating directions – provides increased rigidity and vibration reduction. The ergonomic pull-out leg angle locks let you select one of the three leg angle positions very quickly and efficiently. And the auto locking mechanism adds speed and convenience. We’ve totally re-engineered the internal leg lock system for greater locking capacity, and redesigned the rubber lock knobs for extra grip in wet or cold environments.

The flat platform – excellent for use with big cameras and super telephoto lenses – can be easily replaced with a 75mm (included) or 100mm bowl (optional) for use with Sirui video heads. The 3-point locking platform makes converting the RX from a still to video tripod easy and very secure. The custom locking channel on the flat platform and video bowl insures added stability and locking integrity. This is not coming loose!

R-4214X Carbon Fiber Tripod


  1.  Redesigned spider provides increased stability and load capacity.
  2. New cross pattern of Carbon Fiber layers provides significantly increased stability and vibration reduction.
  3. New leg angle locking system makes selecting one of the three angle positions fast and reliable.
  4. 3 point locking platform makes converting from a still to video tripod fast and secure (the locking channel on the platform/75mm bowl adds stability and greater locking integrity).
  5. For speed and convenience, each leg has an automatic leg angle lock mechanism.
  6. Lightweight 10 layers 100% Carbon Fiber legs.
  7. Flat platform can be replaced with a 75mm bowl for use with SIRUI video heads.
  8. Built-in  bubble  level  makes  horizontal adjustments fast and easy.
  9. Replaceable rubber foot/stainless steel spike.
  10. Hanging hook is also an allen key tool.



Max Dia (mm/inch)

Min Dia (mm/inch)

Max Height (mm/inch)

Min Height (mm/inch)

Retracted H (mm/inch)

Weight (kg/lb)

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MYR 2897

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