Sirui B Series


The Sirui B-00k ball heads work very precisely and smoothly. The small heads are ideal for beginners with compact system cameras. The base can rotate 360 °, ideal for panoramic shots. The ball friction can be continuously adjusted. The safety lock system prevents accidental slippage of the Quick Release Plate TY-C10 . The tensioner for the release mechanism is compatible with the Arca-Swiss system, and allows the use of various plates.

The B-00k has full metal knobs for better usability. The release plate is rubberised and has three slots in which either the 1/4 “screw can be used. This is especially handy for cameras whose tripod mount is not central on the base of the camera.

B-00 Series Ball Heads


  1. Separate base knob and locking knob provide convenient adjustment.
  2. SIRUI Unique Safety Locking System for Precision and Safety Control.
  3. Rugged metal locking knob provides better wear resistance, locking control and load-bearing capacity.
  4. Acra-compatible SIRUI Quick Release Plate TY-C10, anodized aluminum with rubber non-slip surface, 1/4 U-Ring bolt and 3 holes.
  5. Large main knob provides more convenient operation.

Diameter (mm/inch)

Height (mm/inch)

Weight (kg/lb)

Maxximum Load (kg/lb)

Compatible With
0/1 Series


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